Faith Formation

Curriculum and Standards

Kindergarten through Grade 8

An advisory committee with representatives from all seven vicariates worked with diocesan officials in the development of this curriculum for youth in kindergarten through grade eight. This substantive, sequential, and systematic document is integral to Bishop Sample’s vision for faith formation and education in the Diocese of Marquette. It flows from his commitment to bring the church together in a spirit of collaboration and unity for the sake of increased evangelization. It will ensure a consistent presentation of the faith throughout the diocese. This standardized curriculum was implemented in all parishes, missions and catholic schools of the diocese beginning Fall 2009. All parishes, missions, and catholic schools were provided textbooks to implement the new curriculum.

The advisory committee has developed a
high school curriculum utilizing the US Bishops'  DOCTRINAL ELEMENTS OF A CURRICULUM FRAMEWORK for the Development of Catechetical Materials for Young People of High School Age published in 2008. 

The development, publication, and implementation of the curriculum and purchase of new textbooks were made possible by a generous donor and a grant from Legacy of Faith.


Introductory Materials

Profiles of Students


Third Grade         

Fifth Grade

Sixth Grade

Seventh Grade

Eighth Grade


Curriculum by Topic

Christian Morality


Liturgy and Sacraments




Curriculum by Grade
Third Grade         

Expectations of Parents

Third Grade          




Prayer Book


Appendix 1 – Scripture

Appendix 1b – Scriptural Foundations for the Sacraments

Appendix 1c – Scriptural Foundations for the Works of Mercy

Appendix 1d – Scripture Stories for Catechist Use

Appendix 1e – What Catholics believe about Creation

Appendix 10 – Safe Environment (Revised Sept. 2020)
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