Understanding the Mass
The Office of Divine Worship for the Diocese of Marquette is pleased to present these brief catechetical reflections on aspects of the Holy Mass.  Please feel free to include them within your weekly parish bulletins.  They are concisely written, averaging about 330 words each, so they can be incorporated within your bulletins without needing additional pages.  Please email comments, questions or concerns to the author at tfoye@dioceseofmarquette.org.

Bulletin Reflections

Part 1 - Jesus Loves You
Part 2 - Invisible Realities
Part 3 - The Greatest Prayer of the Church
Part 4 - The Real Presence
Part 5 - The Source and Summit
Part 6 - Active Participation
Part 7 - The Mass as Sacrifice
Part 8 - The Mass as a Banquet
Part 9 - Heaven on Earth

All in one Document
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