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Mark Salisbury, Superintendent of Catholic schools

Dear Students, Parents, and Guardians,
Welcome to the 2020-21 School Year! 

Our Catholic elementary school principals and I have met several times over the summer, planning for everyone’s safe return to school. Over and over I have witnessed each principal demonstrate deep care and professional attention to detail for everyone they are responsible for during this pandemic. Working with local school leadership teams this summer, principals have led the development of safe and comprehensive return to school plans for each of our diocesan schools.  

All of our parents will have received their local return to the school plan at this time. These plans prioritize keeping our students and staff safe. They are formulated in line with State and local health guidelines while also continuing to ensure the beautiful, robust Catholic education partnership your family enjoys and appreciates. 

Even though all of us are being asked to go through new changes to meet important health expectations for this coming year, many things are still going to remain the same in all of our schools. We are still going to welcome your children with warm hearts and remind them of God's love for them each day. 

Let’s all commit to continue walking together as a family and encouraging each other during this coming year. 

Please pray frequently that all of our students, families, and staff remain safe. 

We place our trust in the Lord, Prince of Peace. 

Mark Salisbury
Phone: (906) 227-9127 | E-mail:

Our Catholic Schools have been busy learning in their classrooms.

Foundations Document for the Catholic School Curriculum of the
Diocese of Marquette

Our parish schools are currently transitioning into a new Catholic curriculum. In 2014, Bishop John Doerfler approved the foundations document for the Catholic school curriculum. Click here to view.


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