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The Bishop Baraga Association (BBA) was founded in 1930 to promote the Cause for the Canonization of Venerable Frederic Baraga, the first Bishop of Sault Saint Marie, MI which is now the Diocese of Marquette, by making better known to the world the spiritual and temporal works of this devout man.  

It is the goal of the BBA that as people gain knowledge of Bishop Baraga’s life and labors throughout the Upper Peninsula and beyond, they too will have their own personal encounter with Jesus Christ.

Following in His Footsteps

Oh the woes of winter! For some it is a wonderful time of outdoor activities and beauty. For others it is not as enjoyable and for some it makes their daily life much harder. For the Upper Peninsula of Michigan this winter has been a challenging one of ice, snow, snow, and yes….more snow!  As we continue to navigate the remaining months of this winter, let us draw strength from Venerable Bishop Baraga who endured similar challenges for 37 years as he ministered to the people of the Great Lakes Region.

Following are a few entries from his diary followed by Editorial comments:
January 22, 1857:  Camped in a forest in a -40 F, cold, or -32 Reaumer (another temperature scale).  I was in danger of freezing my face.  As we read this entry, pray that we may have patience and tolerance for the weather and full gratitude that we have resources to prevent us from “camping” in such treacherous weather.

May 10, 1857:  It snowed heavily all day.  We shall see how long this charming spring snow will remain.  <(It stayed two days.)>    Even in Bishop Baraga’s time there was the never ending wonder of when Spring would arrive.  As we anxiously await the coming of Spring…AND the melting of the snow, may we look at fresh snow as “charming”.

February 6, 1860:  Departure.  God grant me a successful journey. – I feel that my loins are a little tired:  I do not know whether it is fear, or a reality – I hope to God that all will go well.  – From the Sault I rode in a dog sled for three miles, then I went a considerable distance on snowshoes, and then without snowshoes, and with moderate fatigue I reached the lodge of the chief and Fabian, but they were not in his lodge 20 miles from Sault.  I spent the night in this lodge very well, “thanks to my double blankets, and the care of my guides.”  Bishop Baraga was 62 years old at the time of this trip.  He continued to endure the hardships of the weather for another 8 years to bring the joy of the Gospel to all he encountered.  May we all find that same zeal and passion to teach others about Jesus Christ. 

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We are in the process of opening an inquiry into a new case that will be submitted for review to Rome once the investigation is complete.

We ask for your continued prayers and support as we work towards the beatification and canonization of this saintly man.  May we all live with the same passion and zeal for our faith as Bishop Baraga.
God Bless,
Len McKeen
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